(about ocd) How to turn put a bet on an passion when it comes to you.plz answer me great ways to stop it.?

i already asked a question some days ago but it didnt work more but appreciation to u all helpfull general public. now i ask this query to u with really great expactions plz answer me. remember u are doing more after answering and not answering only an individually me but also adjectives the people who hold the same this problem so plz answer me as obedient as possible.

I don't know if any of these other people who answered you own OCD, but I do and I can tell you that only telling yourself to stop is not going to work (at lowest possible not very often). You can shift to a psychiatrist and try some cognitive behaviour psychiatric therapy, as well as exposure psychotherapy (i.e. if you have an aversion to germs, you would expose yourself to germs and not allow yourself to swab your hands ). I hold had various obsessions and compulsions over the years, some worse than others. Some vanish with time, some enjoy stuck with me. Sometimes a unknown one will appear, especially if I am going through something especially stressful. I find that when I am around other people I get the impression more confident and the OCD is less severe. I return with very stressed out and depressed if I don't receive enough sleep, which can also gross things worse. I hope you can find something helpful within here. I know the hell you are going through. God bless you and good luck.
This may not be what you are looking for, but my suggestion is to seek a mental vigour counselor (not a psychologist or psychiatrist) but a counselor, social worker, etc. It isn't as easy as lately "stopping" otherwise there'd be no individuals with OCD. But a clinician can oblige you lesson the symptoms and perhaps support you do some self-exploration.
You are not alone in this. Virtually every one have OCD to some extent about one article or another. It is like wits. There is no absolute standard of sanity. It is a nonspecific behaviour and facility to cope with things even when they are out of kilter.

OCD is adjectives in the mind. Causes may not be adjectives even to the sufferer.

Self analysis, taking time to step back and introspect, some sort of meditation (not necessarily religious) and psychiatric abet if necessary can adjectives minimize OCD. Even being aware of OCD will bring some mitigation of the incidence. One have to train oneself to become aware of the OCD way of life and tell oneself to stop at that time. Vigilance surrounded by this will help profoundly.

Learning a process like Transcendental Meditation and day after day practice will help.
Try becoming extremely busy! Join educative classes that could after that actually benefit you contained by your career too at duplicate time helping you to get rid of your mania.

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