A Drinking Problem.?

I think I hold a drinking problem... but I'm not quite sure.
Usually whenever I drink, I drink alone, I drink until I attain drunk enough to crash asleep.
I seem to own a problem because sometimes I can't go to sleep so I drink myself to sleep. Whenever I am intensely mad I resembling to drink straight whiskey and vodka and before I would never do that. I'm pretty sure I'm addicted to alcohol but I hold a major problem.
I am anyone put on AntiDepressants within the subsequent month (I've never been on them before) and it's apparent you can't mix alcohol with AntiDepressants. I want to drink but if I'm taking the pills I don't know how I am supposed to freshly... stop drinking? I need counsel.. please.

Answers:    Whoever prescribed the anti-depressants to you must be told about your drinking problem. He or she know how to help you. Even if you are afraid to let somebody know them, it is vital that you do. The alcohol can really ruin your body, especially when mixed up next to medication and you do need those meds.

Please hold care of yourself.

I surmise it's really brave that you can admit this problem to yourself.
If you are addicted you merely cant quit on your own. There will be physical problems that will occur if you stop cold turkey. I would explain to the Dr. who prescribed you the antidepressants about your drinking. Contact your local mental strength center, most counties have one. They will know of some rehab programs for you. Do this immediately before it get worse.

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