A interview going on for Clorox?

I heard from my conservatory that if you take a short time clorox and mix it in beside a big cup of water, it would verbs your body of any drug you taken, therefore endorsement a drug test. Does this nouns of sh*t really work? I kinda thought you would die, or get really sick at the most minuscule
**i dont do drugs for those of you that may wonder**

Answers:    Please don't believe everything you hear at school. These associates have unquestionably done this & as a result, lost a few brain cells within teh process. The best way to overhaul a drug test is to be Drug-free. Just don't progress there. You will be glad you did subsequent in life span.
Well that is the stupidest point I've ever heard. Let's see how smart their drug-pickled brain is - drinking POISON to try to cover up drugs.

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