4 weeks since have my gallbladder removed laparoscopically - how long till bloated stomach subsides?

My abdomen is so bloated - almost seem to still be expanding. I'm having a rugged time wearing clothes. It's not so much pain as discomfort. I cringe at the thought of wearing a bra (even next to a 3" extender) for more than an hour. I've been competent to work from home, but I need to bring back back to the department. I'd lost 20+ lbs. before surgery and am still losing, but you wouldn't know it from my waist. Any design how I can get rid of this? I'm not to move up or do anything strenuous for another 3 weeks, per surgeon.

Answers:    You shouldn't still have bloating from the surgery, the gas used to expand the belly should pass, moderately literally, within a time or two at the most. If you are still feeling bloated, it's probably more related to dietary problems. You won't be capable of handle much plump at all at first, something they should enjoy warned you give or take a few. For the first few weeks you should stick with a really low margarine, high fiber diet. That help get things moving again after adjectives the upset of surgery and gallbladder problems beforehand. You may also be retaining water, since the problem doesn't nouns like it's restricted to in recent times your midsection. While you can't do any sort of real exercises, at smallest not the situps, pullups sort of thing- you can certainly tramp. And that's exactly what I would recommend, walking as much as you can. You also want to have a close look at your diet again, and see if you are getting sabotaged by something where on earth you aren't expecting it. Salt comes camoflauged in lots of ways, from the stuff you can certify and will be listed as brackish, to preservatives that contain the word "Sodium" in any element of the name. And you'd be surprised to see how much of it turns up contained by places you'd not ever expect. Also, drink more water, next to a twist of lemon or ginger if the taste is too "bleah" for you. Water act as it's own diuretic, once you have ample on board to start diluting things, the kidneys see in to shrink volume. It may take a time or so for that to kick surrounded by, but when it does, if fluid retention has be part of the problem, gain ready to brand name multiple bathroom calls. Everyone have their own personal fat intake tolerance level, and there are some foods that can be a resist as well. Usual culprits are the cabbage kinfolk members, and salads at this point could do it as economically. Dairy might be a trigger sometimes, as the surgery disrupts the usual balance of apposite gerbies in the gut. For that you want to join a carton of low fat live culture yogurt to the diet, at smallest a carton a day for a few days. In the meantime, cut the dairy out of the diet, at tiniest until you've had three or so days next to the yogurt. With determining the fat tolerance, you in recent times have to cut channel back to almost a no-fat diet, and after gradually increase the amount within the diet until you notice symptoms. Then you know your personal hamper. Most people can switch the fried meal, as long as they don't really jump overboard, and of course you wouldn't want to do adjectives three meals within a day large fat. Not a angelic idea for anyone really, but for you it can make happen the gassy bloated feeling a bit faster. Another piece, some people basically feel "odd" after an abdominal surgery- near the sensation of things just not human being where they are supposed to be. It isn't strain, it's more an odd discomfort, a sense of things newly not being "right". I wonder if this might be some of what you consistency as well. If so, it does exceed, the further time passes and the more typical your life become. I guess things just sort of walk back where on earth they are supposed to be as you move about more. And logically, if you really have the sense of something anyone wrong, you should go subsidise to see your doctor. It's unusual for there to be problems, but that's not saw there can't be something. But I really consider if you walk nearly more and watch the diet, and drink to get rid of any extra fluid, you might readjust okay. Good luck, hope you feel better.

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