A few question in-one?please back.?

1. ok so i had to shift on a vacaction with my line and friends. i was adjectives nervous just about showing my tats! how to deal? the cream rubbed past its sell-by date!
2. should i go spinal column to a job that i detestation so much? i have no luck finding another situation!
3. my dad abuses his power. he is constely surrounded by my face. he take away my stuff. i tried to say to move out but no luck. what to do?
4. what is the best danduff shampoo and conditioner for dry course short spike?
5. where can i win petite eyeglasses and jeans for cheap? thanks

Answers:    You hold low self esteem which probably comes from living with kith and kin from hell. Get multiple jobs and attain the hell out of that house of horror for the sake of your sanity.
1. ( sorry not moderately sure i get the examine )
2. IMPORTANT don't leave the living unless you have something else to stir to
3. family, not much anyone can do in that, maybe only just sit down for a serious talk beside him
4. any fruit-based shampoo for dryness, any conditioner should be fine
5. (sorry, eyeglasses idk ) but for jeans probably young-ladies shops like drizzly seal ( i'm drawing a blank on others right very soon, sorry )

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