A pop in to the chiropractor and profoundly of stress?

I went to the chiropracter today. The scan they did on my back weren't the best, and one constituent showed I was beneath considerable amount of stress. My Dr. told me that I need to quit shutting it up inside of me and buy and sell with it, because it wasn't helping my vigour any. I admitt I'm under like mad of stress... I know prayer is the best way to accord with it and I own been praying deeply, but he told me to pray and he also said that I may need to do something else as in good health, such as talk to someone or something of that disposition. Do you know of anything that i can do to help near this. I don't have various ppl I trust myself to talk to, besides my mom, and some things I chat to her about hurt her to see me dealing next to and I don't like to do that. She have enough agony and stress in herself. Advice. please??

Answers:    e-mail me...and agree to it ALL out...

not afraid to hear , not afraid to pray , and not afraid to be Honest..and if that sounds a little wierd.next thats ok.
i dont mind being call weird and i dont permit whats said to me go anywhere but to God....and sometimes it take an outsider to see the Whole forest...and not just the trees !!

e-mail...i will listen and or contribute advise.i hold and do with frequent...and have made some exceedingly good friends in recent times in that posture....its up to you...i know i'm a guy..sometimes having a man prespective is better.allows one to see the other side of the coin as well !!

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