A interrogate in the region of HRT for childish transsexuals?

I'm from Brazil, and I am 18 year old mtf. I started my HRT when I be 13 with estradiol valerate (2 mg) and ciproterone, but surrounded by a very small dosage ( 2mg, but the recommended dosage is 50 mg or more). However I get good results, because in a minute I don't have any facial down or a masculine voice. But ciproterone is completely expensive and I think it would be better for me to use spironolactone as anti-androgen. So my grill is: should I take 100 mg os spiro or smaller number, considering that I dont't show any masculinization in body? I really reason that the levels of testosterone surrounded by my body are very low, otherwise I would enjoy facial hair, witch I don't, so I focus that 100 mg is too much. So I was hoping to get hold of some advice, because I live within a small city, and doctors don`t prescrive HRT for transgender people.

Answers:    Honey, the merely advice I can bequeath you is; please, DON'T take hormones lacking medical supervision. Oestrogen is a potent and dangerous drug; empire (including some of my friends) have died from self-medicating, and spironolactone is VERY hazardous.
I know that in your fragment of the world, life can be greatly difficult for transwomen; if you can't find a doctor to oversee your treatment in your town, find one within another town, but please, do find one.

I understand that the Brazilian public strength service is now offering free treatment for transsexual empire (http://www.365gay.com/Newscon07/08/08170... perhaps you should investigate that?

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