A cross-examine for Health Care professionals ONLY please?

For several months now, I hold experienced severe cold and shivers when I get sleepy. It happen quite suddenly. For the most factor, I will first feel similar to I'm freezing , then I will become extremely drowsy to the point of individual unable to achieve up and go to bed.

I am planning to pop in my doctor, but for the mean time I am curious what you consider might be the cause of this.

Answers:    My first suspicion would be thyroid function low. But, a full history may reveal other possibilities - approaching blood pressure issues, hormonal issues, etc. You may want to read up about it until that time seeing your doc. Try a naturopath, they usually have much smaller number aggressive, yet successful therapy.
One of the most common conditions that can raison d`¨ētre this problem is a low level of thyroid hormone. Your doctor will check your thyroid gland when he instructions blood tests. If explicitly the problem, he/she can give you thyroxin, a hormone, to fix you up.

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