A couple question here.?

1) sometimes my head can bring like really itchy, and consequently there are flakes. How can i stop that?

2) Before i budge back to arts school i want to lose alittle pounds. I want to do it easily. So how can i do it?

3) I play on an All*Star basketball troop. And i want to improve my skills,. Any tips?

4)My obverse is breaking out! Any ideas on how prevent that?

Help to these question would be nice!

Answers:    1. Head and Shoulders
2. Cut calories...add more fruits and vegatables, smaller quantity red meat and breads. Exercise daily for at lowest 30 - 45 min.
3. Practice...learn from others. Ask your coach where on earth you need your biggest improvements and budge from there.
4. Wash your obverse at least twice a light of day. Morning and night. Regular soap, nought fancy. If that doesn't work and your break outs are pretty bad...you might see a dermatologist.
About your itching problem you should carry some head and shoulders shampoo & if that dont work this sounds dumb but when you are at home i wouldnt move about out in public close to this but put baby grease on your scalp. About the face breaking out you should try to mop up your face at tiniest 2 times a day that should clear most of it. if you carry a pimple and you want to get rid of it contained by a hurry you put tooth paste or diaper unwary cream on the pimple.

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