20 year antediluvian masculine and Stress motive vigour problems.?

I have be under alot of stress and hold been enjoy health problems. I hold nausea, feel stale balance, and observe one of my pupils were bigger than the other(only at night). They are regular most of the time and react to street lamp. Can stress do this? I feel bad balance to the moved out and it worse in the moring. From the time I stir up the only piece I worry roughly is my health. With set off I have never fall and I can stand on one foot with both leges so I dont no if its merely me. Can chronic anxiety cause this. I dont enjoy bad headache, but I do get them. Please anyone who have gone thro this. I always imagine the worst like tumors, but clan and docs so no. I went to the docs for months when my stomach problems happend and they said it be all stress. I dont want to hold to go support time after time and be told the same for this problem. I enjoy 2 kids, my house burnt down, sone requests surgery, and thats my stress. Will that do this to you. Iam so scard and worry the worst.

Answers:    Yes, it can. My husband go thru stress over a lawsuit this last year-him suing a administrator for physical and mental hurt and bringing a gun to work etc-scary decision just about a scary party. He worried about his mission, our health and welfare (safety) and adjectives. He took on several physical symtoms, I also had trouble sleeping, gain weight and contained by the past I own had eye twitches and muscle twitches from it. Get a perfect sleep aid and go for walks-I know it nouns stupid but good physical excercise help tons. Also make sure the Docs hold checked you for any infections. We had a bit girl in the neighborhood come down near what they thought was a horrible cold and concluded up with an infection on the frontal lobe! Serious! Almost died! It sounds approaching yours is all stress though-so only make sure they blood tested you or such for any such things. You nouns intact,your family is-so that vehicle (as My Mom would say) you are either too niggardly to die or be gone, or God has other plans for you! Good luck!

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