A lil panicky!!?

okay so whatever i munch through goes through me.. not diaherra or anything but in a few minutes i have a bowel movement!! no event what i eat even if its candy! if i hold it 2 long i attain crampy, OMG im scared what do u surmise the doctors gunna do? have CT done final year plz help me im 2 yoiung!

Answers:    what you hold is called a gastro-colic reflex. can be a sign of hulking bowel iritation, or infection. maybe too much quick food? some meal which be a bit "off"? some food you might be alergic to? a recent antibiotic treatment? intestinal 'flu? intestinal parasites?

the doc will ask you give or take a few your food habits. engender a general exam and probably transmit you to go on a diet- one and only plain, easily digestible food. If it go on for too long then perchance a few other exams will be done.

from what you have writen so far nearby is nothing to verbs about
i enjoy the same entity

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