What's the most powerful muscle surrounded by the human body?Why?

Skeletal muscles come in frequent different sizes and shapes to allow them to do many types of job. Some of your biggest and most powerful muscles are in your spinal column, near your spine. These muscles comfort keep you adjectives and standing tall.

They also administer your body the power it needs to hoist and push things. Muscles in your collar and the top part of your wager on aren't as large, but they are skilful of some pretty amazing things: Try rotating your head around, hindmost and forth, and up and down to feel the power of the muscles surrounded by your neck. These muscles also hold your manager high.
The tongue. I've basically always hear that.
the tongue actually. it is the strongest surrounded by proportion to its size.
heart, because
The heart. And we all know why...
The tongue because communication is knob to human existence. If the why you are asking is philosophical.
the tongue. its the strongest believe it or not
suprisingly its your tongue, second to your eyelids.

i'm not sure why its your tongue, but i know eyelids are because think around when you sneezze- NOTHING can keep them closed...
It depends on what exactly you expect by powerfull. The soleus muscle in the lower leg can move up you up on the ball of your foot next to somewhere in the locality of 600lb load. The masseter surrounded by the cheek (closes ur jaw) can bite down with nearly 200lbs of force and is pretty small. Our little hearts spank and beat and pummel 10's of millions of times without go wrong long after some of the other muscles decide to quit working so.....? the tongue item is not true, sort of an urban legend sympathetic of thing... and besides it is composed of 16 muscles...it's not only 1. Heart does most work over lifetime.
i've heard its the tongue
I enjoy heard that the tongue is the most powerful muscle within the body. I'm not quite sure why it is, but that be what I was told a few years ago.

The heart is NOT the strongest - it a moment ago works the most.
the glutes (buttocks) are the biggest and most powerful.

That's why body builders can squat more than they can bench press or leg press or curl.

The reason is because those muscles do more work than any other muscle, unless you are a good-for-nothing couch potato.

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