A really smelly guy?

this guy i work with smells awful i vote its extreme wet dog and B.O but others say aloud it smells like something have died. it gives nation head ache but they can't talk to him going on for it because he declared it was a medical condition when he be hired. i guess its the medicine that make him smell so bad and higher than all that he is a short time ago plain rude. what exactly would make him smell similar to this? whats wrong with him?

Answers:    the man really newly could not shower. and just read aloud its medical. or he could be wearing clothes tha havent been wash. maybe it is medical and he have an open wound beside bandaging or something to that concept and is not taking care of it. I don`t know get some airfreshener and pine redolent car tag and just hold them hidden to hold the air around fragrant. talk to your boss and sign some petition to enjoy him actually checked out for this.
My 11th position Myth teacher smelled resembling butt cheese.

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