17 level scoliosis ? for pediatric orthaepedic, please?

Hi, I am 14.5 years old and i suddenly started experiencing rear legs pain on the upper disappeared side of my back whenever i bend down to the right. I go to a regular orthaepedic surgeon who took x-rays and told me i have a 17 point curvature..is this bad? he said he's going to lift an MRI just to rule out some uncommon cases and then will refer me to a pediatric orthaepedic. Do you feel i am going to have to wear a stern brace? he says my spine is still not done growing, but i already have my major growth spurt something like 1 or 2 years ago (it was close to 6 or 7 inches all at one time) I really don't want to wear anything, i freshly want the pain to budge away. So what do you think i'm going to enjoy to end up doing?

Answers:    vertebrae brace for 17 degree curve. No.
is it discouraging. no
I'd been treated for between 8 and 16 and my curve never go over 12 or so. they had be doing exercises for the put money on. some of them seemed pretty stupid to me but amazingly it worked I go down to 8 degrees. My sister wore a brace for 5 years for 23 hours a morning for most of that. she had what they call upon an "s" curve. her highest curve when it be discovered was 50 degree. She coupled the brace with exercises, i don't know what the curves go down to but they did go down. A side minute we were sent to a physical consultant for the exercise. We were also told by our doc that swimming be good for it and if sis be swimming she obviously could hold on to the brace off for longer afterwards the hour. She joined the YMCA and swam lap several times a week. I didn't have strain from the scoliosis nor did my sister but In the many years since I've injured my support a couple times and the exercise works wonders so if they give you that thieve it and stick to it.
See if chiropractic can help beforehand you go for any surgery stuff. You might be surprised!

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