A interview?

Okay I dont want to ak my freind but she has Mickey G-Tube Button
contained by her stomach she cant eat anything does she still take bowel movents can she uranate?
She gets embarassed if citizens ask her she questions so i stay clear of question regarding her condition can anyone convey me anything? he had thoat cancer and i have an idea that she has a problem swallowing she cant hold anything down

Answers:    I am not sure what a Mickey G-Tube Button is. A G-Tube is a tube going from outside directly into the stomach. (this is very adjectives if the person cannot swallow) You use Ensure or Boost to put into this tube--liquid nutrition. Yes--if zilch else is wrong--they do pee and have bowel movements. If you craving to know more--please e-mail me and would be happy to inform you more.

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