10 points! When you cry, do you eyes puff up when you rouse up, after you sleep? AND WHAT CAN YOU DO ABOUT IT!?

Hey, I have a problem...
I cry profoundly before I sleep (don't comment on that please) for different reason but when I wake up, my eyes are adjectives weird looking and red and puff! What can I do to fall that IN THE MORNING (don't say don't cry). Please backing because if I don't do anything about it, it as a rule stays like that for 4ish hours. Thanks everyone!

Answers:    Eye drops until that time you go to sleep and when you wake up up will help make smaller the redness.

The best technique I've found to drop off swelling is to chill a metal teaspoon (I just stick one within a glass of rime water for a few minutes, but you could toss them within the fridge for a while too) and then hold the bowl of the spoon against the puffy part of the pack under your eye. I hold on to rechilling and applying for about ten minutes.

Also, try not to rub your eyes when you cry - they'll procure irritated and be even redder when you wake up.
Yes this happen to me, the best thing to do is bathe your face beside cold water and rime will help next to the swelling.

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