A few question just about arthritis?

i know i have arthritis surrounded by my hands, wrists, knees and collar. i haven't seen a doctor roughly it yet but the discomfort is getting to be too much to handle. i hold been taking glucosamine and an anti-inflammatory for nearly two months but nothing seem to help. i am lone 19 years old and when i get up up in the morning i'm walking hunched over close to an old man. when it rain i almost cant walk because my right knees hurts so bad.

my question are:
is it normal for someone my age to own arthritis already?
what is best for arthritis a heating wad or ice?
how do doctors determine what type of arthritis you own?
do doctors prescribe anything other than an anti-inflammatory for arthritis?

gratitude a lot for your comfort

Answers:    Hello! Im sorry to hear about the problems you own been have. Now for your questions. No you are not to childlike to have Arthritis, I be diagnosed at 11 months old and I am 23 immediately. With Arthritis sometimes both heat and rime can make or break the situation. In most cases I hold used heat unless my joint is already very much inflammed and swollen. Sometimes when your joint are inflammed you can actually be aware of heat coming from the nouns. So in those cases I newly try to lay low and keep freight off, I hold particularly fruitless in my legs. If you grain like you own a deeper muscle like cramp they say to use an rime pack because in most instances it'll procure so cold that it could numb the area. I started using Arthritis stomach-ache relief cream call "Castiva" and that has worked. I enjoy tried everything else. Doctors can determine the type of Arthritis you have by a quantity of blood test and they can also do bone density scan on your wrist and back to see how prominent it is. Now as far as medication go they will issue pain relievers but since you are babyish they try to stay away from that. I am only 23 and I transport Celebrex which is a prescription anti-inflammatory and I have feel really good on it, its a once a time pill. Some times when my pain get real desperate my doctor will call me within what they call A Mederal Dose pack. Its a form of a steroid that you singular take for a week and I enjoy found that helps enormously well. It sounds close to you should really see a doctor for it, you need to see a Rhuematologist surrounded by your area. They will be capable of guide you better. Also you can check out www.arthritis.org its a very righteous resource for any other questions you may own. Best of luck to you.
Diet can help- Ice pads work for me-I also progress to an osteopath and acupuncture has be good- some days are better than others. Check that the drugs your doctor gives you are suitable for you and achieve checked regularly some drugs have unenthusiastic side effects such as heart problems so take vigilance

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