A Doctor's or nurse's proposal in the order of taking prescription pill while human being pregnant.?

Okay so my friends girlfriend is pregnante and she is taking xanax and vicodin. I want to know if it is harmful to her unborn child and if its negative to her child once it is born. Also my friend doesnt know that she is taking these pills, so should i tell him?

Answers:    Vicodin is okay. It is normally prescribed, because ibuprofen should not be taken. The Xanax is another issue. The baby can be born addicted to both these drugs if she continues to regularly nick these medications. The Vicodin addiction is one the nursery nurses can cope near, but the Xanax addiction can cause more problems. Her OB doctor and the nurses that will thoroughness for her infant need to be aware she is using these drugs, how long during the pregnacy she have used them, and how much, just for the infants sanctuary. Please talk to her significant other and find out if he can take her assistance to get past its sell-by date these medications while she is pregnant.
Tell him. Contact CPS and distance yourself from this personage.

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