A grill for adjectives the grown ups, will you asnwer?

I was a short time ago wondering, I am 13 now. I am upset of snakes, bats and spiders mostly, but I am not fobic ore somthing. I be just wondering, if you become a grown up, do your fears for these things dance away? Or do you live with it forever?

Answers:    Many grown ups are terrified to death of things approaching Snakes and spiders and bats. you don't in recent times naturally grow out if these fears.

But you can overcome them if you want to. It is not really adjectives that hard to overcome this giving of fear.

You can start by reading and research about them. a big part of a set of any fear is the disquiet of the unknown.

Then start looking at photos of the thing you are afraid of. Not an artist drawing that might be embellished.

The subsequent step would be to start looking at the real item. perhaps at a place be you can feel not dangerous like a zoo.

If you can find a path the next step would be to in reality start touching and holding the thing you used to be afraid of. No involve to do this if the thing is certainly dangerous such as a jangle snake or a bee.
I don't know if they go away because I am a grown up and I too are worried of spiders and snakes. It's normal to own a fear of those types of things.

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