5 year outmoded next to serious bowel problems. We've treid lofty fiber diet, glycomax, and nought seem to comfort!?

She's been to a childrens hospital, but they one and only gave her a double ennama

Answers:    I enjoy a friend (an RN) who has a nine year old-fashioned daughter with similar issues. She have found that Miralax helps considerably. It have been widely used by doctors and is immediately available over the counter. And depending on the severity, it can be taken daily as it is considered to be one of the gentlest option out there for treating chronic constipation. However, please consult your pediatrician back you try this approach. Good luck to both you and your daughter.
I used to have to provide my 3 year old --coffee creamer and water--also molasses and marine and that helped..

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