A grose query but,......?

what exactly IS a fart? i want an exact definition,please!!
provide a source if you can but if not thats okay. will vote best answer.......!

Answers:    "recurrently vulgar : to expel intestinal gas from the anus"
"Fart is an English language vulgarism most commonly used within reference to flatulence. The word "fart" is largely considered unsuitable in a formal environment by modern English speakers, and it may be considered vulgar or coarse in some situations. Fart can be used as a noun or a verb.
[1] The instant roots are in the Middle English words "ferten", or "farten"; which is akin to the Old High German word "ferzan" target 'to break wind'. Other roots lie surrounded by old Norse, Greek and Sanskrit. The word "fart" have been incorporated into the colloquial and systematic speech of a number of occupation, including computing.

Fart is sometimes used as a nonspecific derogatory epithet, often to refer to 'an irritating or foolish person', and potentially an elderly party, described as an 'old fart'. This may be taken as an insult when used in the second or third party, but can potentially be a term of endearment, or an example of self deprecatory humour when used surrounded by the first person.
[2] The phrase 'boring old-fashioned fart' was popularised within the UK in the past due 1970's by the New Musical Express while chronicling the rise of punk, it was used to describe hippies and establishment data in the music industry, forces of inertia against the clean music."
its something that comes out of your booty hole and it usually smells like booboo

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