A drug rehab contained by Pleasantville, Iowa?

Anybody here knows of a drug rehab located surrounded by Pleasantville, Iowa? My mother is asking me to find one for myself since she reckons I’m into weed and she say that I need to enter a drug rehab. I’m really not into weed or any type of drug but she a short time ago won’t believe me. She’s right here beside me as I’m typing this question. Please answer my mom’s err… MY cross-examine. Thank you very much.

Answers:    Are you sure you’re not into weed? It’s not that I don’t trust you man but mother’s instincts own 90% chances of human being right. I don’t know how they do it but that’s the truth. I think it’s also your failing why your mother thinks of you that path. Be a good boy! Obey the rules and stay surrounded by school! By the approach, I included some links at the bottom to help you find a drug rehab for yourself. I’ll try to avoid drugs as much as possible if I be you – they’ll never do you anything good. Stick to sports – they’re course better hobbies than smoking weed.
First of all, weed is not addicting. It's true, Mom!! It's also a myth that weed lead to other drugs. That's only if you're slack around the wrong group of people who try to catch you to try cocaine or heroin.

The national hotline for drugs is l-866-395-1680.



Good luck with that, hope everything get better

Number to call nearby
Well, if you are maybe it would be better to do a step program independantly instead of mortal confined in a group full of drug addict. My sister was a drug user and did not fully quit until she went on her own for counseling privately. Being around a bunch of other ancestors did not help her.

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