5 foot 5 and 110 lbs. Am I too skinny?

I eat ample. I don't exercize a lot. I hold a really high metabolism. Other than my friends thinking that I hold a black hole stomach I am pretty normal. I am 15 years antediluvian. And no I am not showing you a picture, I don't plaster myself all over the pattern.

Answers:    So long as you get your monthly flow reguarly, its not really a problem. Its nice to be fit intrinsically, you're lucky! Just make sure the lowered counterweight doesn't effect your monthly flow b/c it in turn will effect your hormones, mood, etc
no thats fine. i weigh a bit more than you, but i kno family who are totally healthy and dont look at skinny that weigh smaller number than you. (same height, around duplicate age, me and people i kno)

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