A friend of mine be spending the dark and she have to use the bathroom. when she finished, she notice...?

blood in her stool. shes exceedingly worried and scared. what could be the problem? what should she do?

Answers:    Ok, first nearby are a million reasons for blood within stool.don't panic.

Here is a connect with the top 22 reason for blood in stool near more info..


It could be something minor like a hemorrhoid or fistula or only some weird irritation from a discouraging diet over the holidays...it could also be something more serious; internal bleeding (although without affliction that is unlikely), it could be a symptom of an IBD (crohn's, colitis). In any armour your friend should call a doctor tomorrow. If it is basically a small amount of blood there is no apology to rush to an emergency room. If there is like mad of blood (a tablespoon or more) and she is in affliction she should go tonight.

I enjoy crohn's disease and one of the symptoms was bleeding, so deplorably I have relatively a bit of first hand comprehension of the panic that you get the impression when you see the blood, but don't panic!! A few things I knowledgeable...bright red (I know the first answerer said that bright red was fine, but to be precise incorrect, it depends on where surrounded by the digestive tract the bleeding is occurring) means the bleeding is lower down or surrounded by the large intestine or rectum. Higher up surrounded by digestive tract (small intestine, ileum) gives it time to draw from old and turn dark brown.)

There are a million reasons for blood within stool so don't panic, and if in that is a lot bring to an ER, if not hail as a doctor tomorrow. Good luck - and she is lucky to have a friend give support to her through this!
Was the blood bright red or dark? Was it mixed contained by with her stool? How much be there?

A bit of bright red blood specifically not mixed in next to the stool is not something to worry nearly. It could be an anal fissure or a hemorrhoid or something like that.

But if the blood be a dark color and/or be mixed in next to the stool that means she may be bleeding internally and wants to go to the emergency room IMMEDIATELY.


yes i agree for the concern...however it could be a food coloring for perchance something she ate.? Period? It could also be from straining to go...next to it being the week-end if she isnt contained by any pain no restlessness i would call Monday morning to see the doctor...well brought-up luck..

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