96 lbs...a honest mass?

Is 96 lbs a good solidity for someone who is 5'1", and 17 years of age?
my mom is angry with me and say I'm underweight
But I'm not anorexic or anything, I eat when I'm hungry, I drink lots of sea and fluids and I jog around the block two or three times a week, and even meander to school.
I do hold a small stomach, so i get full effortless. But I rarely ever consistency weak or sick or anything, and if I do, I munch through rigth away

Answers:    Your ideal consignment would be 105 lbs so you might perhaps be a bit on the hurricane lantern side but not necessarily underweight. If you feel OK next you probably are OK.

If you are underweight you would probably feel tired and meagre all the time and you would probably own a weak immune system.
Well, it adjectives depends on your body. I know a 12 year old whose around that counterbalance and height, so that might count for something.

I would recommend seeing a doctor and asking what the fine weigh range for your age and altitude would be. Then go from nearby.
Your a tad bit underweight but if you put on 4 pounds you can tell your mom your contained by the ideal counterbalance range.

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