:( I dont know what to do?

Lately ive been really depressed looking at my body surrounded by the mirror, people voice im not fat but i look surrounded by the mirror and all of a sudden alls i realise is my imperfection.
I cry nearly every day .. when ever i see myself i perceive sick and i dont want to go anywhere

Answers:    resembling some other answers say, we adjectives have imperfection. because we are all human. we enjoy to try to be happy near outselves and keep trying to be our best.

i don't assume there is a woman alive that does not complain almost something about herself.

if you are crying every time, please call a psycholist or psychiatrist. i am going thru a depression entry myself and don't leave the house too recurrently.

also, don't know where you are but i am contained by pa and it's the middle of winter, the sun does not shine much and most are less joyful (more depressed) in winter blues months.

hope this help you.
Consult a psychologist.

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