A lot of sick empire pop in the local GP everyday , so are they other not at your best, and own to hold like mad of time sour?

As they come into contact with patients who hold the flu, colds ,etc , or do they take something to stop them getting infected?

Answers:    Good precautions are the key-wearing gloves, wash your hands, etc. Also, most doctors try to live a thriving lifestyle, so they have better resistance. I've worked surrounded by hospitals with adjectives kinds of bugs for >20 years and seldom win an infectious illness.
I don't know but any time I try to engineer an appointment I can't. And I can't believe that all the individuals ahead of me can be that sick that it takes 30 minutes to be see when it only take 5 for me. They should be charged by the minute and that would make them hurry up. I aversion sitting for 3 hours in a waiting room full of sick population when I have arranged an appointment for a set time.

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