A inflamed red itchy spot on the bottom of my toe?!??

I have this lil red bump on the bottom of toe (second later one), and now the middle toe have been itching approaching crazy at nights. It feel warm,red and a hurricane lantern pain to the toe bone :(

Have any of you hold anything like this or have?! Or do you know what this is? Please help.it is NOT Athletes foot though

Dont ask me to be in motion to a doc...I know I should..and I will.. if this is going to last long

Answers:    Sounds fungal to me even if it isn't "athlete's foot" within are other fungi that cause skin infections. Try some over the counter antifungal prescription and see if it helps.
Have you have a recent injury (without or without an unfurl wound)? Sounds like it could be infected. Soak contained by very heat up water near epson salt.

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