A few high-speed little question...?

1. I'm 13, and I get these really horrible headaches. They start right at the rear my eyes, and then they of late get worse and worse. What cause these and should I take Tylenol for them?

2. I enjoy problems falling asleep unless I am dead tired. What are some ways to assistance me fall asleep easier?

3. When I lay down, I can't breathe because my muzzle is all plugged up. What is a apposite decongestant to take for that?

Thank you for your backing!

Answers:    it is possible that you are becoming subject to frequent migraines. i recall getting one later year in conservatory, and the symptoms included: severe headache, seeing "dots", feeling dizzy/woozy, and have trouble keeping focused. i was competent to go home and in truth sleep it off, though. do u own any of these symptoms with your headache? then it is possible you are one of a group of teens across the nation who are prone to frequent migraines. and, as the personality above me said, you could possibly have a brain tumor. it is significantly unlikely, but it is still a scary thought because it is possible, so if it worries you, explain to your parents you would have a feeling better seeing a doctor about it.

six surprising headache triggers are:
1. sleeping contained by on the weekends (fixed by getting up at the same time but going to bed before the night up to that time, or getting the same amount of sleep)
2. self-treating your headache with over-the-counter drugs (usually fixed by taking different drugs given to you by a doctor to assistance remove your dependency on over-the-counter drugs.)
3. your period (can usually be help by drugs only available by a doctor's prescription that can deflect migraines)
4. harboring anger (fixed by learning to control your anger and by massage or putting heat pad on your key headache receptors at the bottom of the skull. this is best done by putting a hot wad around the back of your neck)
5. your lunch (this is firm to fix, because almost every food has one chemical or another have something that can cause a headache)
6. strong smells, from household cleaner's to your neighbor's cologne (this is also complicated to avoid, but you can do a lot by keeping your home well-ventilated)

here are dozens of things that could be causing your insomnia (inability to sleep). some of the most adjectives causes include: stress, depression, poor sleep conduct (watching tv in bed/not other going to bed at the same time) change in your sleep surroundings (different bed, change in wishy-washy or sound, etc.), backache, breathing problems (perhaps your breathing problems and sleep disorder are linked?), and paucity of regular exercise. are you subject to any of this? if you are, first try fixing this and see if it improves your sleeping. also, in that are some drugs that can be prescribed, such as ambien, lunesta, and rozerem, and there are also some over-the-counter drugs as very well. i believe you can use tylenol pm, which is a sort of "nighttime" tylenol. perhaps this could facilitate ur sleep disorder and your headaches. however, you shouldnt purloin this more than two or three times per week regularly, as this is bad for you and puts you at risk for becoming dependent on it to sleep.

for your breathing problem, the "breathe right" brand nasal strips supposedly work fairly well (i myself haven't used them.) also, if you enjoy vick's vapor rub, you should take some of that and smear a small amount beneath your nose right on the outside of your nostrils. it sounds and feel weird, but commonly times it does work. perhaps the craziest piece you can do is take vicks vapor rub, smear it adjectives over your feet (but mostly on the bottom of them) and next cover your feet beside socks. then after a few minutes, your nasal passage begin to elevate open. this method be discovered by canadian scientists a few years ago. i have tried it multiple times, and for me, it truly did work, but not always. i would articulate it worked for me about two out of every three times that i used it. you could also consult a doctor going on for this if u feel it prerequisite. while they're helping you with your headache, they will surely have some great advice/info for your breathing problem.
For your pave the way ache problem, I hold read and do know about a friend who have a syndrome that gave her incredibly throbbing headaches, and she go to see a doctor. They found what was close to a tumour and it needed to be operated on. So turn see a doctor and tell him nearly it.

For the falling alseep problem, you can drink a tea called 'dream tea' and it help you fall alsepp. Another trick is listenign to one and the same song over and over again. Make sure it's a soft song. NO TV. the flashing lights and colours stimulate your mind and make it harder to plunge asleep.

i don't know about your third query, so good luck

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