20 and entail give a hand!!?

hey guys its Taylor and on my little sisters account, i consider i ate something that upset my stomach the other day! and resourcefully i lost weight bc i be constantly in the bathroom and in a minute i gained rather back but still going to the bathroom, also when i go to get dressed my pant be tighter then ever. i cant b pregnant bc i have my period two months straight after me and my bf did (well its dumb he put it surrounded by for a sec with a condom and im on the pill) so i notably doubt that!! but y were my pant tighter? my stomach swollen? please help me!!

Answers:    Food poisoning and stomach flu can lead to stomach bloating. Don't worry around it! Ask your mom to get you some Immodium AD (to stop the diarrhea, cramping, and bloating). Good luck!
ask your mom for one entry. get a doctors appointment. u might only just have the flu. own u tried something to help your bathroom problem? probably aren't pregnant unless your pills has-been and the condom was torn or something.

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