2 question?

ok. so first:
does it hurt really bad to carry ur nose pierced? i dont do very well with misery, but i really want my nose pierced! does it hurt to sneeze?or when ur antenna runs? (lol i know weird request for information but still i wanna know)

second: whats another website u can use to download songs for free besides limewire? one that wont give virus or slow the comp. down b/c limewire messed up my comp.

thanks contained by advance!

Answers:    I own my nose pierced and it hurt relatively a bit at first. They did mine with a syringe and not a gun(which is actually not hugely sanitary to do it with a gun). They hold to go through cartilage but it single lasts a few second. It will start to throb and be very sore for roughly a week. Use bacytracin ointment on it to relieve the swelling and oblige fight infection. WARNING! Don't use bacytracin more than 6 or 7 days because you will develop what looks close to pus in your muzzle piercing. It will also be sore and won't heal. This is because you very soon have a yeast infection surrounded by your nose. Lol that happen to me. It should be ok. Just resist the urge to keep touching it so it can make well properly. Also, it should not hurt to sneeze or when your nose runs. Lol. I enjoy had mine for almost 7 years and it hardly bothers me. Just remember to take the earring out of your trunk every so often to verbs it.

Enjoy your new trunk ring!
I had my snout pierced several years ago, it did hurt really bad, but the niggle went away. I don't remember if it hurt or not when I sneezed. If you hold a cold or allergies, take the ring/stud out or when you blow your feeler or it'll be messy. Also, I got tired of mine after a couple years and stopped wearing a ring, it vanished a scar, live and revise.
Sorry but don't know any other free sites besides limewire.

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