A coworker of mine is prescribed wha i find to be too heaps different meds adjectives at once and I be wondering if?

.. that's way too several and if they are in reality contradicting each other.

She said that within aren't any alerts at teh pharmacy and she doesn't see that many docotors.

So far, this is what I know she is taking:

(and she's 53 by the way)

blood pressure drug
3different "mood elevators"

Is that too much?

I also feel close to they are cancelling her out because the 60mg of Aderall she take each daytime doesn't even seem to affect her at adjectives.

Anyone else on that many different meds?
You judge it's safe?

Answers:    She requests to call the pharmacy and hold them look at all her prescriptions. I can`t bear to say it, but sometimes doctors do prescribe medication and don't bother to see if they interact with one another. Please own her get this checked out. And why isn't the pharmacy on alert? Have her try Walgreen's if it's contained by your area. They are past the worst and usually on top of things similar to this. It can be very dodgy considering all the meds she's taking. Best of luck.
its probably not safe and sound.

but its really not your business
Yes, it does seem approaching a lot, however, Im not a doctor, so what do I know? Depression/ anxiety drugs affect respectively person differently, and it does whip time to figure out which combinations work best for the indevidual. Id voice your concern surrounded by a non-judgemental way, suggest a trip to her doctor, I also touch when a person is on these benevolent of drugs, most benifit from therapy too. After that, stay out of it.

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