A lot of white discharge please backing?

I am passing alot of white discharge, alot more than i enjoy had surrounded by the past.
im not sure what it imply.
i have have un protected sex with a partner.
which i know be stupid.
the discharge. is white and the consistancy isnt think but it isnt runny.
i am due on my interval soon.
so could the white discharge be anything to do with my spell being due soon, or me anyone pregnant?
or even worse a disease.
there is no itchyness or irritation.
please sustain
any advice greeting.

Answers:    You could be ovulating. When you're ovulating you have some discharge.

If nearby is no foul odor, no greenish color, and no burning and itchiness, you are probably okay.
I think this is colloquial, not anything unusual, so don't verbs... you'll be fine.

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