A Problem?

Ok, so might sound a touch bit freaky, but.

Yeah...I've been masturbating, A LOT and um..resourcefully im stopping...and umm well, here go..

while i masturbate...well i take this wierd feeling close to taking a drug...it feels suitable and ya, i rub soap on my pepe... and thats the feeling i attain...so...is this bad?? and why?

also, i get this small dot on my pepe...and im not sure what the heck it is... hope i dont have cancer... and i know it's not a birth red mark...so what is it? ist wasnt there previously...so...? what do you guys think?

oh ya, gratefulness a lot for taking the time to picture this question...and answering.


Answers:    n00b.
I doubt its cancer, so at least possible thats one problem off your mind. Ask your doc though

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