(HELP!) On my tablet box it say "Take an hour back food or on an plain stomach" I don't take this....

So If I take the tablets and later wait an hour, does that still denote before I took the tablets I could drink?

Say If I just ate something... I can help yourself to the tablets instantly after but wait for another hour since I eat again? Please assistance, Im so confused!

Answers:    Take it before you munch through, meaning not right after you chomp through or on a full stomach. I'm guessing in the morning it would be best.

Just product sure you're not full or that you ate atleast an hour or more prior to or before taking it
No, you shouldn't give somebody a lift the pills after you've eaten. Your stomach requirements to be empty or relatively desolate to take those.

The best article for you to do would be to take them first item in the morning if you don't chomp through breakfast right away. Or just previously you go to bed if you haven't eat anything in a few hours.
They don't want you to own food in your stomach when you steal the medication in crust it makes you sick. Take it back you eat but sort sure it is an hour before you guzzle because it takes 2 hours for food to depart your stomach. If you have already eat wait 2 hours so your stomach will be worthless. Hope this helps you take in.

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