<<<<<<<<<Drug supporters onley>>>>>>>>?

Hey fellow enjoyers of the finer things! LOL ~^.^~

I am 15 and from russia and was wondering why newly before i trip the heavens goes close to fuzzy abit like a tv consequently i start triping real thorny whats up with this happen aways with the following drugs


Thanks ~ChAoS Drug LOrd Of Da nORth LOL :D :D

Answers:    Petrol? You call upon that a drug? Oxygen deprivation is behind that one. Loco Weed (datura) will turn you into a drooling retard, have a buddy who liked to mess near that and PCP, he ended up kissing a train. Border procession poison it is.

LSD now that's pretty biddable stuff no real physical side effects except the high provided you grasp hold of the read deal.

I other heard you society from Russia always have easy access to some murderer hashish...Now that what I call the finer stuff.
Part of the process of your brain anyone fried and irreparable damage human being done to all the receptors contained by your brain i guess.

i dont do those drugs i smoke weed

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