11yrs ripened and white discharge / cramps?

hello im 11yrs old and a couple of weeks up to that time i started having this white discharge i have a few cramps and felt sick but that have gone now, but for nearly two months now i own been have white discarge (i always discern it in my panties when i dance to the toilet) i have never have a period and it have not started yet as i own had no bleeding.

what does this denote has anyone else at this age have cramping and white discarge.

Help me pls

thanks sophie

Answers:    That discharge you are getting is a devout sign your period is coming. I have that a year before my first spell came which be a year and a half ago when i be 13.
If it is really bothering you ask your mum to buy you some 'panty liners' that sit in your undies and are fundamentally much thinner than pads to relieve prevent the discharge from going on your undies.

It sounds like your first term is coming, but i wouldn't count on it just all the same, just get pads beside you.
Here are a few signs it's on its way.
Breast pain.
Bloated feeling.
Bad cramps, lay surrounded by a warm hip bath to soothe your cramps, trust me it helps!
You procure whitish discharge for about a year since your first period, that's what i get and it got heavier so that's how i brand new it was coming and afterwards in nearly 10 days it came.
When it first arrives you will have a feeling unusually wet and sticky 'down there' and when you progress to the toilet a dot of brownish or red blood about 1 inch widespread will be on your undies.
Don't worry at the start your period are very street lamp so you will have plenty of time to return with pad's. I would wait after your first spell maybe your second to use tampons because i get my period concluding year when i was 13 and i still haven't used tampons.
Don't verbs it will arrive and it is not scary at adjectives, just discuss to your mum if you are worried, that's what i did.
Hope i helped. :)
Talk to your mom something like it.

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