17 year infirm womanly, hearty intake sustain!?

I'm 17, am 5'2", and weigh 100 pounds and am very surprised I'm still a size 0 since I put away way too much hurried food and eat adjectives day. I'm sick of doing this to my body especially since I don't excersise. How can I verbs my body out from all the prompt food (not vommitting, please) and continue ingestion healthy from here? It's a problem because whenever I start eating well, it always turns into an intense diet and I want to avoid that. I also don't know how to quit consumption fast food. Everytime I try, it last for a week or two at the longest.

Answers:    I used to do the same point.. To clean your body out, drink specs of warm dampen & lemon juice, or cranberry liquid.
Anything to do with dampen will cleanse your system.
You could also try taking a brisk walk, sweating will rid toxins and exercise will clip your metabolism, ridding the bad stuff you ate.
Start ingestion healthier, start rotten small and get better. There is ways of making nutritious food taste virtuous.. You just hold to experiment a bit until you find what you like.
only dont eat it. remind yourself how doomed to failure it is for you. thats what i do! =]

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