**`PERiOD QUESTiON? (gReen tea involved?)?

so like, i've have 3 periods. i'm 14. my first one be around my mom's and my next one be 9 days after my moms (36 days later) before my third time of year, i drank a lott of green tea. like seriously.

my period started again on the exact same daytime (36 days later) and all. it other starts off flimsy, which is what it did this time. but instead, my whole interval was fluffy. my other ones were pretty pouring the 2,3, and usually 4th day and next the 5th and 6th were bedside light.

i'm pretty sure my period last the same amount of days, but it be just really reading light.

is it possible the green tea made it start, and that meant that it wasnt' primed yet and that's why it be light?

any other suggestions? my first and second interval were almost exchangeable

Answers:    I don't know of any evidence of green tea decreasing blood flow, but who knows...
You've merely had three period, though. At first, your periods won't be entirely regular and one and the same every time, so it's nothing to verbs about. You'll start getting regular surrounded by a bit.
no. your periods are whacky for the first couple years. sometimes they wont come at adjectives for months .. then like mad one month until your body regulates itself. takes time. do not verbs. nothing to do next to sweet wonderful green tea

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