[Ladys lone plz ]What do you do if your tampon...?

What do you do when you just figure out that you cant get your tampon out?? As surrounded by ..when the string gets pulled past its sell-by date the tampon and there is no approach you can get it out!?

Answers:    squat on the floor and realize up in here as high as you can. verbs it out. nothing can attain completely lost up there I promise. within is an ending. so squatting and putting your finger up inside you , you will discern it and be able to verbs it out.
The string makes things easier, but you don't certainly need the string. You only have to achieve in and clutch the tampon and pull it out. If that doesn't work, after you'll have to travel to the emergency room to get it out (yes, nation do this. I had a roommate who go to the emergency room to get her contraceptive sponge out).

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