37 wWeeks && Having Lower Stomache Cramps.HELP!?

I lost my plug LAST monday and then TODAY
I have my "bloody show".The blood was RED so
i be worried and called the doctor and he said its
okay as long as i wasn't have any contractions
but that labor could happen inwardly the next couple
of days.

im have a sharp cramping like niggle in my lower
stomache and own NO idea why
similar to i said Its like a sharp agony VERY low in
my stomache.It hurts when i stand
or i am getting up from sitting down.
other afterwards that i havent felt anything

anybody hold any idea what it could be?

Answers:    you could be surrounded by labor, how far apart are the contractions? I think this is something that you should appointment your Dr. about
Go to the hospital right presently. Have someone drive you. You may be in labor or experiencing complications from labor. I will not convey you what those may be because you are scared right immediately. Just get to the hospital right very soon.

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