13 and pregnant?!?

me and my bf were dating since we be 12.. and then we thought we be old adequate to handle sex. most of the relatives in my category already have.. and IM PREGNANT.i stole my moms trial.. and like 2 months ago i found out.. what should i do!?!?! im serious and i know this is a problem so im asking for assist!

Answers:    Oh honey.your still a baby! So you found out two months ago...right to be heard you were 4 weeks when you found out which is majority.that would make you 3 months pregnant...item is...(not that I agree with it) surrounded by most states your already past the issue to have an abortion...you stipulation to get prenatal vigilance NOW! Since you are so young...your pregnancy requirements to be watched remarkably carefully...you really stipulation to look into the option of adoption...near are so many couples out here trying desperatley to adopt a baby.unless specifically you want your mom to raise it...simply reason i speak this is because whether you want to believe it or not...you are still a baby...and you will struggle more than most raise a child.I am 23 and have a 3 year ancient little girl..I have raise her on my own since...well roughly since i got pregnant...i wouldnt trade her for the world...but it is VERY difficult to bump up a child even at 19 (when i had her) .you entail to talk to someone.as soon as possible!
omg u have sex when u where 13 what the heck be u thinking have u ever thought roughly speaking the consequences u might be and dont think surrounded by the back of ur mind i dont want to hear the urge cause itt is inmpotant get tell ur parent right in a minute no matter wat jump now...theyll forgive u l8ter they will be cracked of cource go very soon

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