15-16. Haven't menstruated. I want guidance. Read on...?

Well, I still haven't gotten them.
I know it's normal but contained by my case I be aware of it isn't.
I've got curls...My breasts are developing...I'm still short and petite.
I have no hips, my waist is slightly smaller than my hips.
I perceive like I'm an apple shape and I want hips.

Please relieve me and give me suggestion.
I'm one of the few who haven't menstruated in my order. I feel childish and small even though I touch like I could start university.

Help. Please?

Answers:    i give attention to you might need to call on your doctor and tell him..he will endow with you the answers...good luck!
First check near your family doctor and see if you're freshly late or what is going on. my daughter did'nt start till she be 17 and i was so worried. my other daughter started when she be just 9 years mature, still a baby. everybody is different so after checking beside your doctor and everything is ok then forget in the order of it and try to keep busy doing sports or anything makes you in good spirits. and you need to converse to your mom or someone close to you for moral support.

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