'have need of facilitate! any gynocologists (sp?) out within?

what is the average breast size and shape for an 11 year old girl? i started my first spell august 6, 2007 and im just wanting to be sure that i am developing correctly... my line does not have any medical coverage so i cannot afford to turn to the gynocologists to get a breast nouns... thanks.


Answers:    Most girls don't develop breasts until a year or so after their interval. Don't worry in the region of it you are only 11 years aged! I was flat chested as a ironing board until I be 14 years old almost 15 and consequently OMG I was suddenly a DD. Some women are big breasted and some have terrifically small breast. Don't worry yourself at 11 years outdated. Actually 11 is a bit young for your interval so I would say you are track ahead of schedule.
What size are you honey? Need more information

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