15 havent started my spell!?

ok im 15 and still havent started! im 106 pounds and 5''4. im getting really worried. is there anything i can do to abet me start. EVERY girl i know has started and their other talking roughly it and i get really emabrrised! is at hand anything i could have done to hold stopped me from starting? or anything i can do to help me start? greatful for adjectives answers xx

Answers:    Do not listen to Amy. Everyone starts their period at different ages. I know a girl who didn't obtain hers until she was almost 17.

It could own something to do with your counterweight. 106 is a bit on the thin side for someone your largeness. The ideal weightiness for someone your height is 120 pounds. When your body mass index drops below something approaching 12%, it can make your period irregular or stop altogether, so it may be a contributing factor to your late blooming.

There's nil you can do to make it start, really, that I know of, except a short time ago wait it out or gain a few pounds. Gaining a few pounds though, may not be the answer.

And trust me, have your period is not adjectives it's cracked up to be. :)
Once your body hits 100 lbs. you are technicaly ready to start your extent. Since your barley over that maybe that's why you havn't started. Your singular 15, if you havn't started by 18 then there's a problem. Enjoy not have one right now. There is no entail to be embarassed everyone starts at a different time.

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