14 years frail and i enjoy stretch results?

im not pregnant, i havent previously been pregnant
i judge the fact that i enjoy them is because im growing but idk
i have a bunch surrounded by this one area on my disappeared arm, at the top
and then i enjoy one of my shoulder kind of, and it looks resembling a line, almost approaching i got cut, but u could patently tell its a stretch discoloration and then i own two stretch marks on the gone and right side of my hips,

Answers:    Hey! I got stretch grades when i was 15, and I suppose it was because i suddenly put on a bit of counterweight. i got them on my boobs and hips and i be really uncomfortable next to them. I searched on the network for any ways in which i could be paid them less definite and saw that bio oil have been recommended, so i settled to try it as it had perfect reviews, and i can say that it worked wonders! my stretch results have immediately pretty much gone, u can only see them really faintly, it took nearly 4 months to get these results and i applied it every dark, i bought the smallest bottle and that was plenty, it costs lb8.95 i think... suitable Luck!
you're getting too fat or too skinny... u wish.

there are some products that will minimize the appearance of stretch results.. over time it will be better if you exercise and eat properly.
You're right, it probably is because you are growing. It's ordinary, unfortunately. There are lotions out at hand for stretch marks for when you are pregnant. Although I know you aren't pregnant, you could try them out. Cocoa butter lotions are really devout for stretch marks. They don't take rid of ones you already have, but they are suppossed to help out prevent new ones.
Good luck!

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