My freind has be having irregular menstrual cramps close to forever and she's going to the doctor soon and she'sterrified. People have be telling her that she's gonna carry a pap-smear , but I thought you were single required to get pap-smears if you affianced in sexual flurry or if you're over 18. I don't know what to tell her b\c I've never have a pap-smear. So what is a pap-smear like and doea she evn own to get oe.

Answers:    A smear is pretty straightforward, and for adjectives the scare stories, also pretty painless. A gynaecologist inserts a warm, lubricated plastic speculum into the vagina and then slowly open it up to access the cervix with the cell-collecting wand. I'm sure it isn't call a cell-collecting wand in medical argot, but you get the conception. Then she removes the speculum, and it's over. Usually five minutes or less. It feel a little self-conscious if you're not used to the sensation, but I wouldn't describe it as bumpy at all.

Rachel's right - your friend most feasible will have a pelvic exam but not a smear because sexually sitting young women don't across the world need them. Most doctors recommend that a woman have a pap smear three years after she first has sexual intercourse, or when she's 21 even if she hasn't, and next every two - three years after that: though some doctor have different opinion.
If she isn't sexually active, she doesn't involve a pap smear necessarily (because pap smears check for cervical cancer, which is caused by a virus you contract during sex). Your friend may entail a pelvic exam though, and possibly blood tests/ ultrasounds. Someone may well look up her bajingo- and yes, its mortifying, but it won't kill you and afterwards your friend will be laughing at herself for making such a big business of it.

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