3 blood test and doctors still dont know whats wrong near me?

well this is what i've be feeling
-stomach pains
-period be 2 weeks ealier and was really desk light barely in that, lasted 4 days, mine is usually really stout and lasts the full 7 days.
- moody
-gums hurt
-sensitive to smells
well the doctor did 1 blood exam to check my iron and sugar levels, after he realised he did something wrong so my iron and sugar levels be not tested properly, so i had to own an other 1, and he said my iron and sugar levels be fine, but i need to hold an other blood test to check for EBV(which i dont know what it is because doctor didnt explain and when i asked he a moment ago ignored me) I asked if in that was a kismet i could be pregnant and if he could check that with the blood try-out aswell and he just looked at me and said im not pregnant.should i be in motion to an other doctor?

Answers:    Your doctor has no bedside behaviour; even Dr. Kevorkian was nicer.

You should try to find a doctor who is more sensitive and listen to your questions; if he's not audible range your concerns who knows what else he's over looking?

I other ask a million questions, my doctor is accustomed and even though he other tells me I'm paranoid and laughs at me he explains and dispels every concern I enjoy so that when I leave his organization I know exactly what my problem is or I at least know what it's not until he can accurately diagnose base on test results.

And any time your doctor uses a permanent status you don't understand you should be capable of ask him what it means and he should explain within layman terms so you read. You should never leave thought sick and on top of it confused and stressed out almost your visit.

Hope you get hold of it all sorted out soon though.

Feel better.
If possible, budge to another doctor. Though I'm not a professional, having that various symptoms is a problem, and you said the doctor ignored your question as well, which is both rude and unprofessional. You should be seeing a doctor that take the time to explain things to you.

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