1st time shaving guidance (for girls)?

I am gonna shave my pits and legs for the first time. My mom did not really give me any suggestion. she gave me a cut-throat, that's all! Please give a hand!
also I am 13


the thing that stinks at my institution is we have to shave our legs even contained by winter cuz we have gym class-must wear shorts

Answers:    Until you return with used to it, depending on your skin I would suggest using a shaving gel or cream for sensitive skin. Shaving at the end of your shower or tub will allow the hair to verbs and reduce irritation. I shave contained by an upward direction for both my armpits and legs. Check your armpits in the mirror and re-shave if required after wetting again. I would also recommend sitting on the circumference of the tub for safety. VERY IMPORTANT. DO NOT put on deodorant right after shaving. It will irritate. Shave at dark before bed and put it on surrounded by the morning.
shaving cream

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