2. Questions?

1. is it bad to sleep surrounded by an underwire bra? (The only time i don't own one on is when i'm showering)

2. my boobs hurt really bad adjectives the time so i think they are growing (i'm 13 and 32A) but i don't want them to grow i in attendance any way i can stop them from growing

Answers:    to try and acquire rid of the pain cart tylenol and a warm bath cloth and rest it on them that should help for a bit bit and just keep hold of doing that over and over
its not bad it may be humiliated though

no their is no way you can stop your boobs from growing!
1. Don't sleep contained by your bra.

2. They may hurt because you never take your bra sour.
1. I'm exactly the same road! And I don't think it's unpromising

2. U can't stop ur boobs from growing but thell stop at some point. Probably at like a B or possibly a C
don't sleep within ur bra me and my two sisters don't wear bras when we sleep

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